Application for Call 2024

Application for impuls . International Composition Competition must include:


1.) The completed application form (download PDF / download DOCX file) has to be sent by e-mail to in advance (subject: impuls Composition Competition) to announce your participation.


2.) All the following material (a-f, submission to be written in English) has to be processed the following way:

Please create a file for each of the points 2 a-f (written documents and scores in PDF format, music/video files in MP3/MP4 format). Use services such as, or other filehoster (important: download must be possible for impuls without opening an account and must be free of charge) and send the corresponding link to Please note, that your entry must be made in one shot and subsequent submissions or corrections are not permitted and will not be taken into consideration. Please also note, that we will not accept any material (except for the application form) by e-mail, so please refrain from sending any scores, concepts etc. that way.

As soon as we have processed the documents, we will confirm the receipt of your application material to you by e-mail (in case you donnot read from us within 3 weeks, please get in touch with us to recheck).

a.) a copy of the completed application form. Please make sure to include: full name / date and place of birth / postal and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers

b.) biography, a list of works and info on current activities including also information on concerts, infos on interpreters of your works, studies etc.

c.) a concept for a new piece for ensemble to be written on selection at this competition. Please make sure that the concept is created for +-12 musicians chosen from a pool of musicians:

2x flute (doubling piccolo, alto, bass)

1x oboe (doubling English horn, heckelphone, oboe d'amore)

2x clarinet (A cl., Bb cl., Eb cl., bass cl., double bass cl.)

1x bassoon (doubling contraforte)

1x saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone sax)

1x horn (doubling Wagner tuba)

1x trumpet (doubling piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn)

1x trombone (doubling tenor horn, bass trumpet, alto trombone, tenor trombone)

1x accordion (button accordion)

1x harp

1x piano (doubling celesta, harmonium)

2x percussion

2x violin

1x viola

1x cello

1x double bass (5-string)

The setting is supposed to be a "normal" concert setting for purely acoustic pieces (thus any technical features, be it amplification, playback, live-electronics etc., special lighting, visual or scenic effects, or any form of specific set-ups can NOT be offered by impuls).

The concept should not only include some verbal statements, but also short sketches, plans, info on materials used and/or any other form of information useful to expound the idea.

d.) at least one score of a piece already written for ensemble (written for a minimum of 10 musicians up to approximately 20 musicians / please donnot hand in orchestral works nor small chamber music pieces)

e.) a commentary on the piece, including its title, instrumentation and duration
f.) at least one recording (must not necessarily be of the score handed in)


3.) Application material must not arrive later than October 31st, 2024 (Central European Time), the application form is expected to be handed in already beforehand (starting from application start on May 31st, 2024 onwards).