Program for Composers 2025

For students of composition as well as young professionals, impuls holds various moduls at its Academy, opens up the opportunity to benefit from working with world-class artists, besides being a vivid meeting point for interaction with young as well as already most renowned musicians, ensembles, string quartets, chamber music formations, vocalists, electronic and sound artists as well as other composers on spot.



In addition to daily group lectures, discussions, talks and other forms of discourse programs* as well as concerts and presentations at the impuls Festival*, each composition participant is offered a couple of individual lessons with highly renowned composers (in general 3 meetings with composition coaches per participant, unless involved in large Special Programs, that come along with specific conditions as indicated) and can profit from many top professionals present at the Academy.



Accepted Academy participants are welcome to apply also for the various Special Programs impuls holds (multiple application possible, as many of these programs come along with selection – please check conditions and deadlines, and announce your interest to the impuls office, if not done already with your initial Academy registration. However please only sign up for those programs you are really interested in, willing to supply material as asked for, and that you actually would agree to take part in on selection).


These for example include intensive Special Programs such as Intermedia Collaboration - percussion, electronics, video, gestures, performance with Pierre Jodlowski and Christian Dierstein, Team Composition with Matthew Shlomowitz and Dimitrios Polisoidis or Speculative Sound Synthesis with Luc Döbereiner, Ji Youn Kang, David Pirrò and Leonie Strecker.


Special Programs with a focus on Electronics are offered with Davide Gagliardi (Digital Dialogues + Questions around Electroacoustic and Electronic Works) as well as Speculative Sound Synthesis with Luc Döbereiner, Ji Youn Kang, David Pirrò and Leonie Strecker as mentioned above.


Participants can also submit compositions for the many Calls for Scores and Reading Sessions – such as with Klangforum Wien, Quatuor Diotima, Trio Accanto respectively many other line-ups – leading to feedback-meetings, tryouts, rehearsals and partly also public presentations at the impuls Festival.


In addition also conductors will give valuable feedback on the participants´ scores.



Lectures, demonstrations and meetings for composers are furthermore offered by experienced instrumentalists, such as Christian Dierstein und Uli Fussenegger amongst others, sharing information on the possibilities and qualities of their instruments, on specific notation, its use in contemporary music and other aspects.



Depending still of course on the young ensembles, chamber music formations and string quartets applying for the Academy and their specific profiles and interests, further programs will be developed still, in order to strengthen a lively exchange and co-working atmosphere and open up possibilities for mutual learning and benefiting from each other.



Like all other participants of the impuls Academy 2025, also composers are of course welcome to take advantage of the many discourse programs* impuls holds (from daily group lectures to discussions, talks etc.) and enjoy the impuls Festival program*.


Last but not least, the Academy will function as vivid meeting point and platform for interaction, exchange, knowledge-transfer, and networking.




Please check general Conditions for impuls 2025 and proceed with Registration if interested.


In case of further questions, please contact the impuls office at




* As the Festival and discourse programs are still in preparation for 2025, you may want to check last year´s edition to get a general idea about the scope and nature of the various offers.