Coaches 2025

Matthew Shlomowitz

Composition, Coach

Matthew Shlomowitz is a London based composer, raised in Adelaide, Australia. He co-directs Plus Minus Ensemble and Soundmaking podcast, and teaches at University of Southampton.

Many of his works are grouped into series: "Letter Pieces" are open score works combining physical action and music; "Popular Contexts" pieces combine recognisable recordings with instrumental music; and he has a series of performance-lecture works addressing aesthetic issues, such as "bad music". In 2020 he began Explorations in Polytonality and other Musical Wonders, and a recording of Volume 2 (for three recorders) and Volume 4 (for synth pop band) has recently been released on Carrier Records.

As winner of the Johann Joseph Fux Opera Composition Competition, his opera "Electric Dreams" was staged at 2017 ORF Musikprotokoll, with a second production in 2023 at Grand Théâtre de Genève. Other recent pieces include "Glücklich, Glücklich, Freude, Freude", written for keyboardist Mark Knoop and the SWR Symphonieorchester premiered at 2019 Donaueschinger Musiktage, and co-composed works with composer/singer Jennifer Walshe for Ensemble Nikel, and with composer/turntablist Mariam Rezaei for turntables and orchestra.

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Matthew Shlomowitz and Dimitrios Polisoidis


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