Program for Musicians 2025

Aside from string quartets, chamber music formations and ensembles, the impuls Academy 2025 is welcoming also individual musicians and offers several instrumental classes for saxophone, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello and double bass, all of them are coached by top-players in contemporary music: Franck Chevalier | Alexis Descharmes | Christian Dierstein | Uli Fussenegger | Nicolas Hodges | Ernst Kovacic | Léo Marillier | Dimitrios Polisoidis | Marcus Weiss | Yun-Peng Zhao. Please check their individual pages to find out more about their backgrounds and specific offers for the impuls Academy 2025.



The young musicians are free to suggest and bring along solo literature, they want to work on, refine and get professional support for during impuls, but will of course be included also in groups, formed specificially for impuls, to work on compositions for duos, trios, and other chamber music works.



As an important aspect of the impuls Academy´s concept has always been to interconnect composer and performer, the young musicians are also offered to make use of the rare possibility to work with the renowned composition coaches on a selection of their pieces on spot. Needless to state, impuls also encourages the cooperation in between the young musicians and the many international young composition participants, e.g. by a variety of Calls for Scores, as listed in Special Programs for 2025. Aside from these Call for Scores, several other Special Programs invite individual musicians to apply for programs such as Instant Composing, Team Composition or Intermedia Collaboration, to name a few.



Aside from these already existing Special Programs, individually developed programs and projects for connecting the young musicians with young composers on spot (such as posting new calls for scores or sketches to be worked on during impuls, developing specific projects, organising first meetings for further cooperation, etc.) can be established – ideas and wishes can be expressed already at the time of registration, a more detailed discussion and elaboration for customized projects is then to follow after a place has been guaranteed to the musician.


Also, where of mutual interest, a cooperation of individual musicians with other musicians, young chamber music formations and ensembles or also vocalists participating in the impuls Academy can be established (for example to work on literature together with the support of one of the instrumental coaches).



Like all other participants of the impuls Academy 2025, also the young musicians are welcome to take advantage of the many discourse programs* impuls holds (from daily group lectures to discussions, talks etc.) and enjoy the impuls Festival program*.


And furthermore, they will find slots within the impuls Festival to present themselves as well, be it with repertoire or pieces developed during impuls (one of the various possibilities hereby being the impuls MinuteConcerts on February 22nd, 2025, presenting mainly solo and  small chamber music pieces throughout the City of Graz).


Last but not least, the Academy will function as vivid meeting point and platform for interaction, exchange, knowledge-transfer, and networking.




Please check general Conditions for impuls 2025 and proceed with Registration if interested.


In case of further questions, please contact the impuls office at




* As the Festival and discourse programs are still in preparation for 2025, you may want to check last year´s edition to get a general idea about the scope and nature of the various offers.