Registration 2025

>>> Registration has started ...

1.) Please make sure you read the Conditions for impuls 2025.


2.) Please open the applicable Registration form, fill in all necessary information and send it signed to, including also your curriculum vitae.

• Registration form for Composers (docx / pdf)

• Registration form for String Quartets/Chamber Music Formations/Ensembles (docx / pdf) 

• Registration form for Vocalists (docx / pdf)

• Registration form for individual Musicians (docx / pdf)

• Registration form for Computer Musicians, Sound Artists a.o. (docx / pdf)

• If none of these categories seems to apply for you, please contact



3.) Additional material needed:


For Composers: in addition to the Registration form for composers and curriculum vitae, please send a list of completed works to Links and further infos (such as relevant recordings, musicians and formations you have worked with, projects in planning etc.) are welcome as well. Please however do not send any scores at this point.


For String Quartets/Chamber Music Formations/Ensembles: in addition to the Registration form for string quartets/chamber music formations/ensembles and curriculum vitae for every musician/conductor (if any), the following information has to be sent to :

a) line-up for impuls 2025 (names of musicians/conductor, if any, with exact specifications of instruments played and brought along to Graz) and information on main contact person/coordinator, who will then be the main contact for impuls for further arrangements

b) info on profile and history of formation

c) a list of repertoire and relevant public concerts and programs

d) links to at least 3 relevant recordings or videos (compositions from the 20th/21st century)

e) a statement on the expectations of formation for impuls (including information on f.e. impuls composition coaches of special interest to work with, list of pieces the formation wants to work on during impuls, suggestions for cooperation with composition participants on spot (f.e. call for scores as listed under Special Programs), list of repertoire pieces the formation could present during impuls

f) infos on instruments and/or technical devices needed, that could not be brought along by formation itself


For Vocalists: in addition to the Registration form for vocalists and curriculum vitae, please note, that also a repertoire list + voice type, vocal register, vocal range + links to recordings (at least 1 contemporary solo work) has to be sent to


For Saxophonists: in addition to the Registration form for musicians and curriculum vitae, please note, that also a repertoire list with five contemporary pieces (solo or chamber music) you currently work on or you have been working on recently + links to recordings (if available) + list of instruments you can actually bring along to impuls has to be sent to



4.) If you want to apply for any Special Programs, please announce your interest, mentioning the exact title(s) of the Special Program(s), to (either already on registration or as ongoing notification), and do not forget to check all detailed conditions, deadlines, etc. coming along with them. Multiple application for Special Programs are of course possible, but please only sign up for programs you are really interested in, willing to supply material as asked for, and that you actually would agree to take part in on selection.


5.) Please transfer the Registration fee of € 100,- to the account of impuls (as published under Conditions) as soon as you have been accepted as participant of impuls (please do not transfer the fee when registering, as you must first be guaranteed a place by impuls). This Registration fee is a non-refundable, obligatory fee, that must be paid in any case (even in case of cancellation) as soon as a place as participant has been assured to you. It guarantees, that impuls reserves a place for you and handles your participation until the actual payment of the Academy fee (which is only due to on the date you have chosen on the registration form for this second payment with an early, regular or late payment deadline).


6.) In case problems emerge with your payment, and also in case you have to cancel your participation, please note, that you are obliged to contact the impuls office right away (also in case you have not yet covered the Academy fee or even the Registration fee for example).



If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the impuls office at