impuls MinuteConcerts

Walk through Galleries with Music

25.05.2024, 10.00-23.30



Blazek . berber.carpets + textiles

Leonhardstraße 12, 8010 Graz

Concert + Exhibition berber.carpets + textiles



Elisabethstraße 14, 8010 Graz

Concert + Exhibition Tasso Mattar: Eine Materialsammlung


Grazer Kunstverein

Palais Trauttmansdorff

Burggasse 4, 8010 Graz

Concert + Exhibition Curtis Cuffie


esc medien kunst labor

Bürgergasse 5, 8010 Graz

Concert + Exhibition Wer spielt mit uns? Part 1


MUWA . Museum der Wahrnehmung

Friedrichgasse 41, 8010 Graz

Concert + Exhibition Roland Goeschl . Color has to become material


HDA . Haus der Architektur

Mariahilferstraße 2, 8020 Graz

Concert + Exhibition Smoties – Creative Works with Small and Remote Places


Forum Stadtpark

Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz

Concert + Exhibition DTAFA: How to Become an Island? THE BOOTCAMP

Already for the 15th time, impuls invites to an acoustic and visual tour through various galleries in Graz with its successfull format, the impuls MinuteConcerts. Young musicians present works from the 20th and 21st centuries – the spectrum hereby ranges from classical modern to most current compositions, electronic music and improvisations. Interacting with fine arts as well as exhibitions of jewelry and exquisite carpets, contemporary music can be experienced at first hand in locations with an atmosphere, that feels quite different to classical concert stages. Thus a special kind of event can be expected, appealing not only to experts and connoisseurs, but also to curious ones, passers-by and explorers, and inviting them to get a quick taste of music of our times or stay much longer. Children and young ones are just as welcome as adults, the admission is free. So feel welcome to stroll through the city with us and many young musicians, get to know each other at eye and ear level, experience a wide variety of contemporary music, and enjoy spending a day together full of art and music, enriched in a new, stimulating interplay!




The program includes Works und Premières by Georges Aperghis | Malin Bång | Luciano Berio | George Brecht | John Cage | Davide Coppola | Chaya Czernowin | Franco Donatoni | Pascal Dusapin | Karlheinz Essl | Dai Fujikura | Clemens Gadenstätter | Stefano Gervasoni | Gérard Grisey | Thomas Kessler | Patricia Kopatchinskaja | Dmitri Kourliandski | Matthias Krüger | Bernhard Lang | Nam June Paik | Enno Poppe | Alberto Posadas | Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis | Stephen Montague | Rebecca Saunders | Giacinto Scelsi | Salvatore Sciarrino | Wolfgang Seierl | Karlheinz Stockhausen | Petra Stump-Linshalm | Lars Tuchel | John Zorn | Manuel Zwerger as well as Collective Compositions, Improvisations and Arrangements by Guy Ben-Tov/Alena Kiszter/Johanna Unterpertinger | Joseph Böhm/Max Reiner | Leon Erdödy/Camille Primeau | Atousa Falamarzian Sharifabadi/Aurélien Jeanneau/Sepehr Karbassian | Camille Primeau | Zlata Zhidkova and Videos and Texts by John Cage | Ivan Cruz-Contreras | Lisa Spalt a.o.


40 young Musicians – Elena Arbonies Jauregui | Olivier Benoît | Joseph Böhm | Paquito Ernesto Chiti | Ivan Cruz-Contreras | Marta Cubas Hondal | Leon Erdödy | Atousa Falamarzian Sharifabadi | Irati Goñi Leoz | Dácil Guerra Guzmán | Klaus Haidl | Maria Iaiza | Aurélien Jeanneau | Szymon Kałużny | Sepehr Karbassian | Philipp Kienberger | Youngseo Kim | Alena Kiszter | Yingshuo Ma | Pablo Marin-Reyes | Cristian Molina Ávila | Juan Alonso Moreda | Elisabeth Müller | Anna Maria Niemiec | Camille Primeau | Alyona Pynzenyk | Christine Rainer | Beatriz Ramos | Max Reiner | Julia Schneckenleitner | Aleksandra Škrilec | Helēna Sorokina | Lars Tuchel | Johanna Unterpertinger | Nikola Vuković | Paolo Vuono | Katharina Wegscheider | Shiori Yoshino | Mina Zakić | Zlata Zhidkova – play as well as the Formations ARISE | Duo nadima | Duo So:und | Patchwork Family | PTKP

Detailed Program


Free admission


Each work will only be performed once during the tour. Thus different music programs await you at each location.


A production of impuls in cooperation with several galleries and art institutions in Graz.


The event is preceded by several workshops with Dimitrios Polisoidis and Gerald Preinfalk in Vienna and Graz. Some acts will subsequently also be presented at the festivals brücken 24 (14.6.2024) and wellenklaenge (14.7.2024).