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< rotor >, Volksgartenstrasse 6a, 8020 Graz

With its MinuteConcerts, impuls has been a regular guest at < rotor > for many years, presenting small gems of contemporary music. impuls@< rotor > takes up this idea and will again establish lines of connection between visual art and contemporary music at current exhibitions in 2024. Hereby fantastic musicians of the younger generation are presented aside from conventional concert stages.

17.2.2024, 13.00-17.00

13.00: Workshop with Laura Urdl
15:00: Talk with the artists Veronika Hauer, Hans Holger Rutz, Anja Korherr and concert by Elisa Azzarà

within the closing event of the exhibition:
Like an Open Door Leading Us Where We Would Never Have Consented to Go



Elisa Azzarà flute


Brian Ferneyhough Cassandra's Dream Song (1970)

Tristan Murail Unanswered Questions (1995)

Liza Lim Bioluminescence (2019)

Maurizio Azzan Essere aura (2022)


Elisa Azzarà was born in Pisa in 1986. She began her flute studies with Lucia Neri, and after obtaining her diploma, continued under the guidance of Stefano Agostini, including a period as an Erasmus student in Cordoba in the class of Wendela van Swol. Throughout her studies, she actively participated in flute masterclasses led by artists such as Mario Caroli, Michele Marasco, Mathias Allin, Marieke Schneemann, and Erwin Klambauer, and took traverso lessons with Marica Testi.  After completing her degree, she moved to Austria to pursue a Master's in Performance Practice in Contemporary Music under the guidance of Klangforum Wien at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, graduating with honors in 2013.

Since its foundation, she has been a member of the Schallfeld Ensemble. Over the years, she has been actively involved in the field of contemporary music, taking part in festivals such as Wien Modern (AT), impuls (AT), Warsaw Autumn (PL), Klangspuren (AT), Time of Music (FI),  Nuova Consonanza , Le Strade del Suono, Accademia Filarmonica Romana (I). Elisa Azzarà is a permanent member of Ensemble Eutopia (Genoa) and has collaborated with groups such as MDI, Zeitfluss, and Orchestra Archè. She served as the interpreter for the premieres of flute compositions by Tomoya Yokokawa, Matteo Manzitti, Denovaire, and Daniela Fantechi.

In recent years, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with young composers in numerous reading sessions and workshops (Stanford University, Conservatorio "G. Verdi" in Milan, Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität, impuls Academy, Darmstädter Ferienkurse). In 2019, she completed an intensive course in theater for musicians, "Musicians on Stage" at the Teatro della Tosse in Genoa, and collaborated for years with actor and director Francesco Carril Vaglini. She studied flute pedagogy with Eszter Alföldy Boruss and is deeply committed to teaching.



Like an Open Door Leading Us Where We Would Never Have Consented to Go

Participating artists:
Alessandro Brighetti | Alfredo Barsuglia | Anja Korherr | Canemorto | David Casini | Flavio Favelli | Hanns Holger Rutz | Ivana Spinelli | Johanna Charlotte Trede | Lorena Bucur | Markus Wilfling | Marlene Hausegger | Mattia Pajè | Total Refusal | Valentina Furian | Veronika Hauer | zweintopf

Cultural Friendship: This is what < rotor > calls long-term cooperation with befriended organisations; in this case it is NOS in Bologna—Amicizia culturale! It started with curatorial research, followed by artist residencies and a student project.
In the exhibition with contributions by artists from Bologna / Italy, and Graz / Austria, lines of connection between the works unfold, tipping points and discontinuities become perceptible. The potential is inherent in the artworks to give shape to the step into the unknown in the search for new experiences and insights that the present—every present—needs.
The narrative title of the project is inspired by the theatre innovator and writer Antonin Artaud.
Curated by: Elisa Del Prete, Silvia Litardi, Iris Kasper, Anton Lederer, Magarethe Makovec | in collaboration with NOS visual arts production


Exhibition period 11.11.- 22.12.2023. & 8.1.- 17.2.2024
Opening hours Mon–Fri, 10.00–18.00 (Wednesday until 22.00) | Sa, 12.00–16.00 | closed on Sundays and holidays