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< rotor >, Volksgartenstrasse 6a, 8020 Graz

With its MinuteConcerts, impuls has been a regular guest at < rotor > for many years, presenting small gems of contemporary music. impuls@< rotor > takes up this idea and will again establish lines of connection between visual art and contemporary music at current exhibitions in 2024. Hereby fantastic musicians of the younger generation are presented aside from conventional concert stages.

within the closing event of the exhibition
IN-SITU Artistic Positions on Endangered Biodiversity and the Coexistence of Species

13.30 Workshop relating to the exhibition with Laura Urdl
15.00 Artist Talk with Ralo Mayer and concert with Philipp Kienberger


Philipp Kienberger double bass


Rebecca Saunders Fury (2005)

Stefano Scodanibbio Alisei (Trade Winds) (1986)

Philipp Kienberger Improvisation


"Somewhere between the worlds of sound hovers an impulse. Ever since I started making music, I've been searching for this driving spark that can transform both the most abstract soundscapes and complex tonal structures into emotional paintings, and which is also inherent in the simplest songs. I would call this state 'Heartfelt-Complexity', in which the musical structure is appealing, but impulsiveness is not forgotten."  - Philipp Kienberger


Philipp Kienberger (1991) was born in Wolfsberg and lives in Vienna, where he works as a freelance musician. He is particularly active in the field of contemporary and experimental music as well as jazz and improvisation. He is a permanent member of the ensemble Studio Dan, the Christoph Cech Jazz Orchestra Project and the ensemble Chromoson. He is also regularly invited as a guest by contemporary ensembles such as the Janus Ensemble, Ensemble Schallfeld and Klangforum Wien.

In 2017, he was awarded a start-up grant from the Austrian Federal Chancellery and he also received several composition scholarships from the City of Vienna. Philipp studied jazz double bass and composition with Peter Herbert and Christoph Cech in Linz, as well as concert double bass with Anton Schachenhofer. He completed his concert bass studies with Botond Kostyak at the MUK Vienna. He also studied contemporary ensemble practice at the MDW and took part in the impuls Academy Graz with Dario Calderone in 2019.



IN-SITU Artistic Positions on Endangered Biodiversity and the Coexistence of Species

Participating artists:
Darko Aleksovski | Lamija Čehajić | Anita Fuchs | Teuta Gatolin | Ralo Mayer | Irena Lagator Pejović | Nada Prlja | Oliver Ressler | Adrienn Újházi/ Nemanja Milenković | Driant Zeneli | Dardan Zhegrova

Curated by: Margarethe Makovec & Anton Lederer
Thanks are due for numerous references to artistic works: Irena Borić,
Adela Demetja, Irfan Hošić, Hristina Ivanoska / Yane Calovski / Jovanka Popova, Ajete Kërqeli / Nita Zeqiri, Andrea Palašti, Natalija Vujošević.
Until recently, an exhibition organised by < rotor > titled EX-SITU was on display in Sarajevo. It was dedicated to the endangered Bosnian mountain newt, which the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina is working to preserve. The title IN-SITU of the current exhibition refers to the greater horseshoe bat, an endangered bat species whose last breeding colony in Austria is located in the attic of Schloss Eggenberg, Graz. The exhibited artworks are situated in the field of tension between nature, human activity and (species) diversity versus endangered forms of life in the Capitalocene.


Exhibition period 22.- 23.3.2024. & 2.4.-18.5.2024
Opening hours Mon–Fri, 10.00–18.00 (Wednesday until 22.00) | Sa, 12.00–16.00 | closed on Sundays and holidays