2.8.2023, 11.00

In-Situ – translucent spaces

Meeting Point Brandhof 21 . Forecourt, Brandhofgasse 21, 8010 Graz

Presentation of Special Program In-Situ – translucent spaces

coached by Klaus Lang


with Alyssa Aska, Brendan Champeaux, Juro Kim Feliz, Manuel Hidalgo Navas, Jieun Jeong, Kevin Kay, Eden Lonsdale, Maxime Mantovani, Roman Parkhomenko, Parsa Zandi, Levin Eric Zimmermann



11.00 KUG Brandhofgasse 21

11.20 Crossing Erzherzog Johann Allee x Burgring

11.30 Pfauengarten (entrance by Café Promenade)

11.45 Dom

11.50 Bürgergasse 3

12.30 Uhrturm

12.50 Murufer under Mursteg

13.05 Schloßbergtunnel (level Dom im Berg)

13.20 Ending at Schloßbergplatz


The general idea and starting point of this Special Program, set up for the impuls Academy 2023, is the attempt to develop new definitions of musical spaces through happenings positioned on the borderline of concert, installation and performance. Space arises out of sound, is defined by sound – and vice versa: sound develops into a translucent space, which is influenced and shaped again also by the site, which by itself again is defined also by its own sounds, noises and specific conditions for a performance. But it is not only the space per se, but also the temporality of a site that is influenced and changed by sound and the sound´s own temporality.

Through a Call composers and sound artists were selected for this program, to develope specific projects for the City of Graz during impuls. The results can now be experienced as part of the impuls Festival 2023.

Free admission


co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union within the Ulysses Network