Program for Ensembles and Chamber Music Formations 2023

Please note that by now all places for Ensembles are taken.

Ensembles selected:

Ex-Sentia Ensemble

Duo Schwing

IEMA-Ensemble 2022/23

Kollektiv Unruhe



zone expérimentale basel

as well as NEKO3 Ulysses Ensemble in Residence



Unlike former impuls editions until 2021, that held instrumental classes for individual musicians and formed ensembles only on spot, the impuls Academy 2023 is welcoming once more exclusively already existing young ensembles and chamber music formations as participants.


Meeting their individual interests, profiles and needs, impuls provides coaches such as conductor Johannes Kalitzke, Beat Furrer, and Ernst Kovacic a.o., members of formations such as Quatuor Diotima and individual musicians like Dimitrios Polisoidis. Furthermore two Ensembles in Residence, Decoder Ensemble and hand werk, are open for exchange and support as well. On top François Sarhan offers a Special Program, coaching ensembles with interest to work also beyond the context of traditional composition with f.e. performative, scenic, mixed/multimedia, in situ, textual, contextual etc. approach and openess to team- and processual working methods.


The young ensembles + chamber music formations are asked to suggest and bring along literature themselves, they want to work on, refine and get professional support for during impuls, but they are also asked to make use of the rare possibility to work with the renowned composition tutors on a selection of pieces on spot.


Another important aspect of the Academy´s offer has always been to interconnect composer and performer. Thus also the cooperation in between the young ensembles + chamber music formations and the many international young composer participants is encouraged by programs, organised by impuls in close coordination with the ensembles + chamber music formations (be it through calls for scores, sketches to be developed together during impuls, first meetings for further cooperation, etc.).


Like composer participants, also the young ensembles + chamber music formations are welcome to take advantage of the many discourse programs* impuls holds (from daily group lectures to discussions, talks etc.) and enjoy the impuls Festival program*.


And furthermore, they will find slots within the Festival to present themselves as well, be it with repertoire or pieces developed during impuls – as ensemble respectively chamber music formation, and, if desired, also as soloist.


Last but not least the Academy will function as vivid meeting point and platform for interaction, exchange, knowledge-transfer, and networking.



Please check general Conditions for impuls 2023 and proceed with Registration if interested.



In case of further questions, please contact the impuls office at




* As the Festival and discourse programs are still in preparation for 2023, you may want to check last year´s edition to get a general idea about the scope and nature of the various offers.