Coaches 2023

Decoder Ensemble

Ulysses Ensemble in Residence

Leopold Hurt (e-)zither, performance, conducting, composition

Andrej Koroliov piano, keyboards, performance, composition

Carola Schaal Bb clarinet, performance

Sonja Lena Schmid cello, performance

Stefan Troschka electronics, performance, sound projection, composition

Jonathan Shapiro percussion, performance



The Decoder Ensemble, founded in Hamburg in 2011, considers itself a "band" for contemporary music and is one of the most innovative and unpredictable young ensembles on the new music scene. Their fresh and energetic sound, stemming from their distinct combination of electric and acoustic instruments and voice, sets them apart from conventional contemporary chamber music ensembles.
Surprising collaborations, experimental instrumental music, multimedia elements and conceptual performance art all play a large role in Decoder’s programming. Decoder greatly stresses the contemporary format in the presentation of their concerts, incorporating carefully selected performance venues and an over-arching dramaturgy.
One of the main focuses of the ensemble is the collaboration with young composers and providing them with a platform to realize their works at the highest level. All of the members of Decoder specialize in the performance contemporary music, with 3 members doubling as the resident composers. This constellation, together with the extensive communication between the composers and interpreters in the development of the works, allows for the creation of unique and authentic performances.
The Ensemble performs internationally at festivals of contemporary music on a regular basis. Decoder has released two CDs in cooperation with German Radio Cologne, their 2014 self-titled debut on Ahornfelder Records and their 2019 release "Big Data" on the Wergo label. Since 2017 Decoder presents their own concert series at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.



Decoder Ensemble will be present at impuls between July 24th and 31st.


co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union within the Ulysses Network

Special Programs with

Decoder Ensemble


Call for Projects . Composer Workshop + Concert


with Leopold Hurt

Workshop E-Zither


with Jonathan Shapiro

Workshop Drum set in Contemporary Music