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February 19th, 2017



at various venues such as



Lichtenfelsgasse 14

8010 Graz


KUG . Florentinersaal

Leonhardstraße 15

8010 Graz



Brandhofgasse 21

8010 Graz


esc medien kunst labor

Bürgergasse 5

8010 Graz


... and throughout the city

A Day on Campus and in the City

Program for Download


Presentations of


ALMAT . Algorithms That Matter (with Alyssa Aska, Laura Endres, A. Fernández Rodríguez, Davide Gagliardi, Brian Garbet, Phivos-Angelos Kollias, Frédéric Le Bel, Matteo Polato | coached by David Pirrò/Hanns Holger Rutz/Agostino Di Scipio)


translucent spaces. Space_Sound_Performance (with Eliav Kohl, Yoav Levy, Chanhee Lim, Kenta Masuda, Wingel Pérez Mendoza, Sophya Polevaya, Linus Kristofer Svensson, Dakota Wayne, Jeff Weston, Yulan Yu | coached by Klaus Lang)


Collaboratory | coached by Stefan Prins


World premieres of further Special Programs with Rebecca Saunders and Krassimir Sterev (with accordionists and composers of the impuls Academy 2017) and with Trio Accanto (with saxophonists, pianists, percussionists and composers of the impuls Academy 2017)


Improvisation- and Promenade-Concerts | coached by Manon-Liu Winter and Frank Gratkowski


Vocal Concerts | coached by Petra Hoffmann and Andreas Fischer


On Keys | coached by Nicolas Hodges


Lectures | Discussions | Workshops




A day on campus at KUG, the esc media art laboratory and various other locations in the city: Take a look behind the scene of the impuls Academy and get in touch with young performers and composers from more than 50 nations during this twelve-hour-event with multifarious concerts, presentations, performances, installations … and various discourse programs.


free admission



February 19th, 2017


esc medien kunst labor

 Bürgergasse 5

 8010 Graz

open also on February 10th between 10.00 and 17.00



Opening Collaboratory


Aaron Butler | Romain Chaumont | Léo Collin | Athena Corcoran-Tadd | Pedro González Fernández | Emilio Guim | Genevieve Murphy | Timothy Page | Samuel Penderbayne | Diego Ramos Rodríguez | Timm Roller | Carlo Siega | Julia Siffert

Stefan Prins coaching


After more than a weeklong intensive workshop, creative composer-performer-sound artists present their works, which were not conceived as productions of individuals, but are rather highly process oriented and developed on site through experiments, dialogue and feedback from all workshop participants and coach Stefan Prins. Therefor the presentation is an overall view, to be experienced as a result of communal curating, conveying a comprehensive dramaturgy: Working together as a central element, sharing of infrastructure and ideas, thoughts, energy and inspiration – an approach with social and political impact. In a world, where the most important topics unfold on a global scale (ecological threats, economic models, ...), collaboration is extremely important in order to be able to master those tasks successfully.




free admission

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.