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February 15th, 2017

10.00-13.00 + 15.00-18.00

KUG . Florentinersaal

Leonhardstraße 15

8010 Graz









KUG . Florentinersaal

Leonhardstraße 15

8010 Graz

Symposium Film + Music


10.00 Julia Heimerdinger on New Music in Film

11.00 Holly Rogers on Music/Sound in Experimental Film and other Media

12.00 Peter Tscherkassky on his films

15.00 Dirk Schaefer on Sounddesign and his Soundtracks to Tscherkassky´s films

16.00 Johannes Kalitzke on his compositions to Silent Films

17.00 Jorge Sánchez-Chiong on Sound and Composition in Film/Video/Visuals Arts


Discussion with Wolfgang Mitterer | Holly Rogers | Jorge Sánchez-Chiong | Dirk Schaefer | Peter Tscherkassky

Julia Heimerdinger moderation


This symposium is the starting point of an extensive EU-project, which was initiated by impuls within the frame of the Ulysses-Network. The young, but already internationally succeeding composers Mirela Ivičević and Julien Malaussena (impuls), Javier Elipe Gimeno and Ariadna Alsina (IRCAM), Boris Bezemer and Mikołaj Laskowski (Gaudeamus) as well as Clara Iannotta and Simon Løffler (IMD) are commissioned by impuls and its partners to develop new compositions to the experimental films of the Austrian filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky – in specific for his internationally praised CinemaScope Trilogy, for which he also received multiple awards – within the next one to two years. impuls 2017 provides the starting point for the project, and interconnects the composers not only with the filmmaker, but also members of Ensemble Nikel as future interpreters as well as coaches such as Wolfgang Mitterer and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong to accompany the process of creation. And of course impuls is looking forward to the project's realization in Graz in 2019.


free admission | in English

Advance reservation for external listeners necessary!

Please contact office(at)impuls(dot)cc.

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.




February 15th, 2017



Elisabethstraße 14, 8010 Graz


music . talk . exchange


Jörg Widmann from Drei Schottentänze: II (under) Water Dance, 2013

Moritz Schneidewendt: clarinet

Gerard Grisey Charme, 1969

Marco Danesi: clarinet

William O. Smith Five Fragments for double clarinet, 1977

Milutin Pavlovic: clarinet

Christian Strinning How to assemble, 2016

Vera Wahl and Manuela Villiger: alto saxophone


free admission