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February 14th, 2017



Elisabethstraße 14

8010 Graz














February 14th, 2017


KUG . MUMUTH, Proberaum

Lichtenfelsgasse 14

8010 Graz


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Howard Skempton Helix for violin solo, 1998

Clarice Morrish Rarity: violin

António Sá-Dantas Stirrings, Intermezzo for violin solo

Junya Makino: violin

Rebecca Saunders Solitude

Esteban Belinchón: cello

Salvatore Scarrino from 6 Cappricci: Cappriccio 2 & 5, 1976

Sonya Suldina: violin

György Kurtág Vagdalkozós,  1987/1991

Ari Kanemaki: viola


free admission




... - Solos - Duos - ...

Tutors´ Concert II


Anna D´Errico piano

Andreas Fischer bass

Ernesto Molinari Clex contrabass clarinet

Benny Sluchin trombone

Uli Fussenegger double bass

Frank Gratkowski saxophone

Manon-Liu Winter piano

anemone actiniaria David Pirrò | Hanns Holger Rutz live-electronics


Beat Furrer Kaleidoscopic Memories, 2016, Austrian premiere

Uli Fussenegger: double bass

Alessandro Milia Sonata, 2013, Austrian premiere

Anda Kryeziu A Sisyphus, 2013, Austrian premiere

Maurizio Azzan dove tutto è stato preso (Innerspace II), 2016

Anna D´Errico: piano



John Cage Solo for Sliding Trombone, 1957-58

Benny Sluchin: trombone

Bernhard Gander morbidable II (une charogne) on the poem une charogne written by Charles Baudelaire, 2015

Andreas Fischer: bass

Ernesto Molinari: Clex contrabass clarinet

Mark Andre Mark Andre, iv 11 (a-c), 2011-2015 (rev. 2016)

Anna D´Errico: piano

Paul Méfano Instantanée, 2007

Benny Sluchin: trombone


Manon-Liu Winter | Frank Gratkowski Improvisation

Frank Gratkowski: saxophone

Manon-Liu Winter: piano

anemone actiniaria Improvisation

David Pirrò | Hanns Holger Rutz: live-electronics



Young and other – in various aspects - current works, compositions and improvisation, purely acoustic works and live-electronics are scheduled for the second tutors' concert, where both renowned composers of different generations as well as young up and coming Academy participants are presented.


admission: € 15.- / € 10.- (reduced)

€ 5.- (music students with identity-card at the box-office)