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February 18th, 2017







Leonhardstraße 12, 8010 Graz



kunst . wirt . schaft

Elisabethstraße 14, 8010 Graz



Galerie Eugen Lendl

Bürgergasse 4/1, 8010 Graz



MUWA, Museum der Wahrnehmung

Friedrichgasse 41, 8010 Graz



Haus der Architektur

Mariahilferstraße 2, 8020 Graz


18.30 - 22.30

Forum Stadtpark

Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz

impuls MinuteConcerts

Walk through Galleries with Music


Here you can find the detailed program.


Concert + Exhibition:

berber.carpets + textiles


Concert + Exhibition:



Concert + Exhibition:

Cool Papers


Concert + Exhibition:

Der gefaltete Raum 2.0 | Elisabeth Krampe: papier - faltung - schmuck


Concert + Exhibition:

pragmatisch und poetisch . Architekturpreis des Landes Steiermark


Concerts + Exhibition:

how far to open up



Current music in dialogue with contemporary art, to be experienced up close at a day long acoustic and visual walkabout through Graz ... at the impuls MinuteConcerts the audience meets up with young musicians coming from all over the world to walk through the old City of Graz, come in close contact with them without any hindering stage in between, experience contemporary music first hand and make lovely acquaintances and discoveries for both the eyes and the ears.


free admission

Each location holds different, approximately 30 minutes long music programs starting at the times given.

A detailed program can be found on spot and will also be published on this homepage shortly before the start of the tour.

impuls in cooperation with several galleries and art institutions in Graz.