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impuls does not only commission pieces in the framework of the impuls Composition Competition, but also commissions new works from other young composers for specific projects.

On top of that impuls Academy composer participants profit from Ernst, a cooperation with the Ernst Krenek Institute and Klangforum Wien coming along with both a commission, a residency and a premiere of the new pieces.




Further Commissions





impuls commissioned new compositions for experimental films by Peter Tscherkassky in 2017 to be premiered on February 12th 2019 by Ensemble Nikel in the framework of the EU-project Ulysses

Mirela Ivičević

Julien Malaussena




Text im Klang


For the third edition of this project impuls commissioned five new compositions from

Francisco José Domínguez Robles: Sehnsucht for piano, percussion, saxophone and doublebass (2018, premiere)

Jinwook Jung: Urmeer for saxophone, percussion and piano (2018, premiere)

Anna Korsun: Geheime Sehnsucht der Zellen

for quintet (2018, premiere)

Elena Rykova: a message from a world in which we are absent for amplified doublebass, percussion and objects (2018, premiere)

Diego Jiménez Tamame: jeder Hinsicht indirekt... for baritone saxophone, piano, percussion, doublebass and live-electronics (2018, premiere)




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For the second edition of this project impuls commissioned four new compositions from

Andrés Gutiérrez Martínez: Draht for violin, violincello and double bass (2016)

Mauro Hertig: Vektoren for bass-flute, clarinet, violoncello and double bass (2016)

Alexander Kaiser: Choke - for 4 musicians (2016)

Marina Poleukhina: war nichts, worin man Ihre Füße baden hätte dürfen. for violoncello, piano and double bass (2016)








impuls commissions by Oliver Thurley and Tomoya Yokokawa as part of the project Dario Calderone - Solo Double bass within the Ulysses Network.

Another impuls commission for Impulsive Lieder was given to Benjamin Scheuer.

The premieres took place at Gaudeamus Muziekweek and the impuls Festival 2015.




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World premieres of impuls commissions

Tamara Friebel: Wind up your desire for clarinet, violin, cello, double bass and a gramophone 

Martin Hiendl: tonus for violin, cello and electronics

Eun-Ji Lee: Map / Satellite-Hybrid du for clarinet, saxophone, violin and cello

Sehyung Kim: Ignition for bass flute, bass clarinet, cello and double bass



Ernst .

Commission by the

Ernst Krenek Institute


As part of a cooperation with impuls the Ernst Krenek Institut Privatstiftung commissions a composition to a participant of the composition classes of the impuls . Academy. After a three-week visit at the Institute in Krems and in-depth study of composer Ernst Krenek, a piece for chamber music ensemble is written. This new work is then to be premiered by Klangforum Wien, the third partner of this cooperation.

Composers selected:

2017: Jeff Weston

2015: Benjamin Scheuer (premiere: 30.9.2016, Hausfest, Wien)

2013: Zesses Seglias (premiere: 4.12.2014, urbo kune, Klosterneuburg)

2011: Marina Khorkova (premiere: 6.10.2012, musikprotokoll graz)