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February 19th, 2015


MUMUTH . Proberaum

Lichtenfelsgasse 14, 8010 Graz


Young Ones


Dario Calderone: double bass 

Yaron Deutsch: e-guitar

Anna D´Errico: piano


Pierluigi Billone: Sgorgo Y, for e-guitar (2012)

Juan de Dios Magdaleno: SF_oia, for piano (2009)

Rocco de Cia: Just on the edge of Nothingness, for piano (2014), world premiere

Luciano Azzigotti: ledro, for piano (2009), Austrian premiere

- intermission -

Gagi Petrovic: In your face (1), electronics developed by Gagi Petrovic in collaboration with Tijs Ham (2014), world premiere

Oliver Thurley yet another example of the porousness of certain borders for double bass solo (2014), world premiere

Eric Skytterholm Egan …in White..., from: Fragments of shapes, hewn. In white silence... for double bass solo (2014), world premiere

Giulia Lorusso I. Let it come, from: diptych for double bass solo (2014), world premiere

Tomoya Yokokawa December rush for double bass solo (2014), world premiere

Pierluigi Billone: Sgorgo N, for e-guitar (2013), world premiere


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Admission: € 10.- / € 5.- (reduced)

Double bass solo-Dario Calderone is part of the EU-network Ulysses