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June 1st, 2018


Großer Minoritensaal

Mariahilferplatz 3

8020 Graz

Text im Klang #3. Premieres of impuls composition commissions, reading & lecture


Premieres of impuls commissions by

Francisco Domínguez: Sehnsucht for baritone saxophone, percussion, piano and double bass (2018, premiere)

Jinwook Jung: Urmeer for saxophone, percussion and piano (2018, premiere)

Anna Korsun: Geheime Sehnsucht der Zellen

for quintet (2018, premiere)

Elena Rykova: a message from a world in which we are absent for amplified doublebass, percussion and objects (2018, premiere)

Diego Jiménez Tamame: jeder Hinsicht indirekt... for baritone saxophone, piano, percussion, double bass and live-electronics (2018, premiere)


Text: Alexander Kluge

Lecture: Claus Philipp

Readings: Ninja Reichert and Claus Philipp

Ensemble Schallfeld:

Juan Pablo Trad Hasbun: double bass

Soyeon Park: double bass

Matej Bunderla: saxophone

Manuel Alcaraz: percussion

Maria Flavia Cerrato: piano

Davide Gagliardi: electronics


Program for download



"Text im Klang" is a laboratory, where medial interlacings with a focal point on impulse are put into practice. Like in former years impuls again commissions five new works from young composers, who take their initial impuls for their compositions from preselected texts, from literature. The intention of the project hereby does not pursue a classical setting such as words to music, nor a simple translation of the words with voices, nor tonal representations of the texts, but rather texts functioning as movens with their for example rhythmic and syntactic qualities, within their linguistic sound timbre, ..., or as semantic abutment. Ensemble Schallfeld again plays an important role as performers being both included in the process and the realisation of the compositions, thus working in close cooperation with the composers.

Each edition of "Text im Klang" hereby holds slight modifcations: Back in 2014 and 2016 texts by different Austrian writers (being partly included in the composition as performers themselves) served as impulses for the composition. For 2018 it is the impuls-potential of Kluge´s "Die Sehnsucht der Zellen", thus one text only, that triggers the composers´new works.


The concert, reading and lecture on June 1st is followed by statements, discussions and exchange of experts, composers and interpretors at an Open Brunch on June 2nd.

In addition to that the Institut 14 Musikästhetik, Zentrum für Genderforschung of KUG, is putting up a Meeting with composer Anna Korsun on May 30th, 2-3 pm (Palais Meran, Zi. 24).


In cooperation with Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten and the IEM.

Ensemble Schallfeld as Ensemble in Residency at impuls is performing with co-funding by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.



Entry 1.6.: € 15.- / € 7.-

Entry 2.6. Open Brunch: Free admission

Tickets: Box office, ticket reservation: +43 (0)316 711133 31