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February 14th, 2011

MUMUTH, György-Ligeti-Saal

Lichtenfelsgasse 14, 8010 Graz

signalegraz 0011 – Live Electronics

Hannah Reardon-Smith, flute, electronics
Karolina Öhman, cello, electronics
Marij Van Gorkom, bassclarinet, electronics
Mari Targo, violin, electronics
Tomoko Honda, piano, electronics
Gerhard Eckel, Peter Plessas, electronics

Aliona Yurtsevich: TREE / study – III (2007)
Hyunsuk Jun: Papilio Ulysses (2005)
Michele Del Prete: Cambiamenti Di Stato (2008)
Karlheinz Essl: Sequitur XIII (2009)
Germán Toro-Pérez: Rulfo/Ecos I (2006)

Duo pieces for instrument and live electronics, performed by the IEM Graz together with participants of the impuls workshop by Gerhard Eckel and Peter Plessas. Beside the production of sound, electronic instruments are primarily used to extend traditional instruments. Therefore the role of electronic performers is deeply related to the role of the instrumentalists during a performance. However, the kind of interaction between electronics and instruments change from piece to piece.
In selected works the participants of the live-electronic workshop meet this challenge. Works by Karlheinz Essl and Germán Toro-Pérez get performed together with works by the impuls participants Hyunsuk Jun, Michele Del Prete and Aliona Yurtsevich in a special performance. The interpreters of the duo pieces alternate between acoustic and electronic instruments; the composition and implementation of the latter change with each piece. The role and the design of the electronic instrument is discussed between the composer and the instrumentalist in an ongoing process that usually starts during the composition of the piece. For an ideal performance the correct design of space, scene and audience area is essential, therefore the Ligeti-hall in the MUMUTH Graz offers a very suitable framework for this concert.

Admission: € 12.- (students: admission free)
impuls in cooperation with the IEM - Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik der KUG