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February 13th, 2019






Klangforum Wien

Rehearsal space

Diehlgasse 51

1050 Wien

Composition and Interpretation

Open rehearsal with Klangforum Wien

(Chris Swithinbank, composition)

Question round

Discussion with Ilan Volkov and the composers as well as musicians of Klangforum Wien


Klangforum Wien

Ilan Volkov conductor

Nuno Costa composer

Timothy McCormack composer

Jung-Eun Park composer

Chris Swithinbank composer

Hakan Ulus composer

Doris Weberberger moderation


On the one hand, composers have been inspired by musicians for centuries in their creation; on the other hand the intention of composers might be clarified much better in direct exchange and discussion with the interpreter. Synergies, but also problems resulting from the exchange between composer and performer, are the topics, that conductor Ilan Volkov and musicians of Klangforum Wien will discuss together with composer Nuno Costa, Timothy McCormack, Jung-Eun Park, Chris Swithinbank und Hakan Ulus, who were selected at the international impuls composition competition and subsequently assigned with impuls composition commissions back in 2017. The discussion round will take place on February 13th, 2019, in the rehearsal room of Klangforum Wien and is part of the impuls composition workshop, running from February 9th-14th, 2019. This workshop will be concluded by the premieres of the newly created compositions on February 15th, 2019 at Helmut List Hall in Graz as part of the impuls Academy and impuls Festival.


free admission | in English

impuls in Kooperation with mica – music austria and Klangforum Wien