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February 8th, 2017






Klangforum Wien

Rehearsal space

Diehlgasse 51

1050 Wien

Composition and Interpretation

Open rehearsal with Klangforum Wien

(Lorenzo Troiani, composition)

Round of questions



Klangforum Wien

Enno Poppe conductor

Adam McCartney composer

Carolyn Chen composer

Michalis Paraskakis composer

Diana Soh composer

Lorenzo Troiani composer

Philip Röggla moderation



There are few musics on the planet where the abstraction between musical idea and the performance experience is as distinct as with the composition for ensemble and orchestra. Diverse aesthetic and social approaches provide different values to the levels and protagonists of the realisation process. From the creative authority of composition to the quasi-independence of interpretation. 

An important negotiations room is the rehearsal hall, where the creativity of the composers and interpreters come together to create something new and refined. 


impuls, mica - musicaustria and the Klangforum Wien invite you to take part in this fruitful negotiation. The winners of the impuls Composition Competition 2015 will discuss and debate their works with the musicians of the Klangforum Wien and Enno Poppe.