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Forum Stadtpark

 Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz




Opening hours:

5.4.: 19.00-22.00

6.4.: 11.00-16.00

7.-9.4.: 11.00-18.00


Christine Schörkhuber and Veronika Mayer


Acousmata, sound interior and other sonorities



The soundart duo Christine Schörkhuber and Veronika Mayer is presenting suggestions of acoustic furniture which play with the limits of attention and turn the focus to subtle and daily occurrences. They refer to direct materiality and natural textures in a sociopolitical context. Wandering through the sound interior invites to fall silent and listen intensely. Noise as a transmitter of information and a way to reflection is becoming here, on the crossover to sculptural art, a delicately structured amplification of acoustical facts.


A cooperation with Forum Stadtpark and impuls . MinuteConcerts


Watch a video documentation of the exhibition here