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August 24th, 2021

16.00 + 18.00


Inffeldgasse 10, 3. Stock

8010 Graz

Presentation of Special Machine Learning
coached by Artemi-Maria Gioti


With Simon Bahr | Luca Guidarini | Eduardo Loría Lazcano | Miki Manabe | Claudio Panariello | Paolo Piaser | Brandon Lincoln Snyder | Mariana Vieira, impuls Academy participants 2021


The presentation will feature compositions and performances with special focus on using machine learning algorithms (including supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms) and applying them in music-related tasks (be it to recognize different timbres, control a synthesis engine using live video or find patterns in large sound databases).


limited number of seats | for impuls participants only | in English




August 24th, 2021


KUG . Palais Meran


Leonhardstraße 15
8010 Graz

Workshop presentation . Works for e-guitar
Samuel Toro Pérez e-guitar


Iván Adriano Zetina Ríos Grattos of Netanya (2021, world premiere)

Itziar Viloria - Schematic Chart of Nothing vs Everything (2021, world premiere)


Presentation of and discussion on works by impuls Academy participants selected through a call for score


(E-)Guitarist and performer Samuel Toro Pérez, member of Black Page Orchestra and regular guest with the ensemble Phace, is known for his special interest in transdisciplinary projects as realized with the collective „andother stage“. Academy participants were therefore asked to specially hand in scores also beyond full notation, but rather with open form or conceptual, performative, respectively multimedia approaches.


limited number of seats | for impuls participants only

co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union




August 24th, 2021




Lichtenfelsgasse 14

8010 Graz


Due to flood damages relocated to:
KUG . TIP . Theater im Palais
Leonhardstraße 15
8010 Graz

latenz ensemble

Hannah Wirnsperger flute

Paula Häni clarinet
Andrius Pamorskis bass trombone

Fábio da Silva Santos percussion

Maria Muñoz López violin
Nora Vetter viola

Benjamin Coyte cello
Alisa Kobzar electronics
Friederike Scheunchen conductor


Kaj Duncan David Computer Music (2014/2016)

Tuomas Kettunen Freeze! (2019/rev. 2021, Austrian premiere)

Uršula Jašovec Asha, No! (2015/2021, world premiere)

Yuval Adler Four Strings (2018/2021, world premiere)

Asia Ahmetjanova Tradition me (2020, Austrian premiere)


latenz ensemble is a young ensemble specializing in new, experimental music in the interplay of acoustic and electronic sounds and performative elements. New compositions, new conceptions and new approaches by young composers are commissioned, collaboratively developed and premiered. In its unconventional concerts, the ensemble likes to raise current, intimate and socially relevant issues, thus leading the audience through personal worlds of discovery. To ask questions, to dare something with new ideas and concepts, to create fields of experimentation for audience, musicians and the composers, where the unexpected arises and develops, where everything explodes and implodes and where the world moves forward – that is desire, credo, goal.

At its impuls debut concert, the up-and-coming latenz ensemble presents pieces by up-and-coming young composers, partly selected through two Call for Scores amongst the impuls Academy participants 2021.


Due to flood damages and the associated relocation of the venue, unfortunately no tickets are available for sale.


admission: € 13.- / € 9.- (reduced)

€ 5.- (music students with identity-card at the box-office)

limited number of seats | reservation required under due to Corona-precautions