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August 16th, 2021


Helmut List Halle

Waagner-Biro-Straße 98a

8020 Graz

Composers´ Talk


Ole Hübner | Alexander Kaiser | Emre Sihan Kaleli | Sonja Mutić

Bas Wiegers moderation


free admission with a valid ticket for the concert | in English




August 16th, 2021


Helmut List Halle

Waagner-Biro-Straße 98a

8020 Graz

impuls Opening Concert - Laureate Concert


Klangforum Wien | Bas Wiegers conductor

Thomas Frey flute
Markus Deuter oboe
Olivier Vivarès clarinet
Lorelei Dowling bassoon
Gerald Preinfalk saxophone
Christoph Walder horn

Nenad Marković trumpet
Mikael Rudolfsson trombone
Georgios Lolas accordion

Aurélie Saraf harp

Hsin-Huei Huang piano
Florian Müller piano
Björn Wilker percussion

Alex Lipowski percussion
Sophie Schafleitner violin

Olivia de Prato violin
Dimitrios Polisoidis viola
Benedikt Leitner cello

Leo Morello cello
Paul Salomon double bass


Yiqing Zhu DeepBlue, for large ensemble and electronics (2020, impuls commission, premiere)

Emre Sihan Kaleli Adjacent rooms, a part of a labyrinth, for 12 amplified instruments (2020, impuls commission, premiere)

Sonja Mutić Kontakt, for 12 amplified instruments and fixed media (2019/20, impuls commission, premiere)

Alexander Kaiser Feed me!, for amplified ensemble and electronics (2019/20, impuls commission, premiere)

Ole Hübner Masse und Bewegung 3 [Mass and Movement 3], for 12 (partly prepared) instruments and solo-conductor (2019/20, impuls commission, premiere)


impuls promotes and supports young composers not only at its Academy, but also through the international impuls Composition Competition. Every second year impuls opens a call for its competition, commissions new works for ensemble from the composers selected and invites them to work with Klangforum Wien, one of the world´s leading ensembles, intensively at the impuls Composition Workshop. Tonight five of these newly written works will be premiered and the composers will be present at this special event, except for the Chinese composer Yiqing Zhu due to COVID-19-restrictions.

Anyone interested to find out more about the composers and their works has several chances to meet up with them in person aside from some short films, that impuls sponsor AVL Cultural Foundation has published in their series „Front Row Seat": Already on August 11th a rehearsal will be opened up at the Proberaum of Klangforum Wien followed by a discussion of composers, conductor and also some of the interpreters (moderation: Doris Weberberger) and just before tonight´s concert you will get the chance to meet up with the composers for a half hour composers´ talk (moderation: Bas Wiegers). A more in depth analysis of the works and discussion with the composers and Bas Wiegers is to follow on August 17th at KUG.

On top of that, Klangforum Wien and Bas Wiegers will also be present at the impuls Academy and offer a full day with Reading-sessions for composition participants, where, amongst others, questions on formal and esthetic aspects, notation and instrumentation are discussed.


admission: € 16.- / € 11.- (reduced)

€ 6.- (music students with identity-card at the box-office)

reservation required under office(at)impuls(dot)cc due to Corona-precautions

Thanks to AVL Cultural Foundation for the kind support of the composition commissions.