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August 22nd, 2021




Lichtenfelsgasse 14

8010 Graz


Due to flood damages relocated to:
KUG . TIP . Theater im Palais
Leonhardstraße 15
8010 Graz




Jennifer Seubel flute

Aleksandra Skrilec flute

Gregory Chalier flute

Elena Arbonies Jauregui clarinet

Milica Zakić piano

Andraz Frece accordion

Filip Novavkovic accordion

Alona Pynzenyk violin

Judith Fliedl violin

Anna Grenzner Matheau cello


Raphaël Belfiore 4-082221-TIP (2021, UA) 

Peter Ablinger Gib dich zufrieden und sei stille (2012)

James Tenney Swell Piece (1967)

Yuval Adler Musical Poems (2011-2021, UA) 

Tom Johnson Trio: 288 three notes cordes (2005)

Peter Ablinger Countdown (2014)

Valentin Schaff (große starke Hände) (2018, UA)

Pauline Olivieros Sound Piece (1998)

Peter Ablinger Countdown (2014)

Benedict Mason Outside Sight Unseen and Opened (1999)

Raphaël Belfiore 4-082221-TIP (2021) 


With Peter Ablinger one of the most profiled composers is tutoring at the impuls Academy 2021. His artistic work is diverse. It includes the visual, installations, texts, conceptual, performative and situational works – and hereby and beyond of course music, including a lot of music on music. It involves research and statements - philosophical, perceptual-psychological, even political ones. It questions common topoi, conventions, role attributions. And it aims at fundamental questions: what is hearing, what is sound, what is music, what is time and space, what is the here and now?

The concert not only includes milestones of pieces by Peter Ablinger and composers related to the topic of conceptual composition, but also concepts handed in by impuls Academy participants triggered by a Call for Scores for a Special Workshop set up during the Academy. Also instrumentalists from PPCM (Performance Practice in Contemporary Music) at KUG are an integral part of this workshop, who, coached also by Klangforum member Dimitrios Polisoidis, are actively participating in the development and realization of the pieces. PPCM is a two-year master's program respectively a one-year postgraduate course at the Kunstuniversität Graz, whose central artistic subject is supervised by Klangforum Wien as professor.

Due to flood damages and the associated relocation of the venue, unfortunately no tickets are available for sale.


admission: € 13.- / € 9.- (reduced)

€ 5.- (music students with identity-card at the box-office)

limited number of seats | reservation required under due to Corona-precautions