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impuls . 12th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music | 2021


Please note that, due to the ongoing COVID-19-pandemic, the impuls Academy needed to be moved into August 2021 in total. All places are taken by now. It is quite unlikely that we can still enlarge the program this year or that places might open up still. However if interested to join in August 2021, please feel free to get in touch or send an application, which we will take into consideration, whenever possible again.



1.) Please make sure you read the Conditions for impuls 2021.


2.) Please open the Registration form (download as doc or pdf below),

fill in all necessary information and send it signed to office(at)impuls(dot)cc.

Please also add a curriculum vitae.

• Registration form for composers (docx / pdf) (originally: docx / pdf)

• Registration form for ensembles/chamber music formations (docx / pdf) (originally: docx / pdf)

• Registration form for sound artists /multimedia artists / performers / individual musicians /actors / dancers / instrument designers, who can apply only for a few specific Specials (docx / pdf) (originally: docx / pdf)


3.) Additional material needed:

For composers: in addition to the CV, please send a list of completed works to office(at)impuls(dot)cc. Links to relevant recordings are welcome as well. 

For ensembles/chamber music formations: in addition to the Registration form for ensembles/chamber music formations and curriculum vitae for every musician/conductor (if any), the following information on the ensemble/chamber music formation has to be sent to office(at)impuls(dot)cc:

a.) line-up for impuls 2021 (names of musicians/conductor if any, with exact specifications of instruments etc.) and information on main contact person/coordinator for the ensemble/chamber music formation

b.) info on profile and history of the ensemble/chamber music formation

c.) a list of repertoire and relevant public concerts and programs

d.) links to at least 3 relevant recordings or videos (compositions from the 20th/21st century)

e.) a statement on the expectations of the ensemble/chamber music formation for impuls (including information on f.e. impuls composition tutors of special interest to work with, list of pieces the ensemble/chamber music formation wants to work on during impuls, suggestions for cooperation with composer participants on spot (f.e. call for scores), list of repertoire-pieces the ensemble/chamber music formation could present during impuls, infos on instruments and/or technical devices needed, that cannot be brought along by ensemble/chamber music formation, …)

For sound and multimedia artists, performers and individual musicians, actors and dancers, instrument designers, who can apply only for some specific Specials (with François Sarhan, Stefan Prins, Artemi-Maria Gioti and utrumque check Specials here): please fill in the appropriate Registration form, send CV and any other information, you want to share, and do hand in all material as asked for the specific Special until deadline given at the latest. Registration and Academy fee is only due on acceptance in this specific case.


4.) If you want to apply for Special Programs, please announce your participation to office(at)impuls(dot)cc (if possible already on registration by naming the titles, not only number of Specials / ongoing notification is possible as well), and do not forget to check all detailed conditions, deadlines, etc. coming along with them. Please only sign up for programs you are really interested in, willing to supply material as asked for, and actually take part in.


5.) Please transfer the Registration fee of € 90,- to the account of impuls (as published under Conditions) as soon as you have been accepted as participant of impuls (exceptions for sound and multimedia artists, performers and individual musicians, actors and dancers, instrument designers see above). It is a non-refundable, obligatory fee for handling your registration. It has to be paid in any case (also in case of cancellation) and guarantees, that impuls reserves a place for you until the final payment of the Academy fee at the deadline selected.


6.) In case problems emerge with your payment, and also in case you have to cancel your participation, please note, that you are obliged to contact the impuls office right away (also if you have not covered the Academy fee for example).


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the impuls office at office(at)impuls(dot)cc.