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impuls . 12th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music | 2021


Please note that, due to the ongoing COVID-19-pandemic, the impuls Academy (and of course the impuls Festival alike) needed to be moved into August 2021 in total now.

As all deadlines in this category have been met by now also for the August edition, application is not possible any longer.




A few Special Programs with very specific concepts and interdisciplinary topics and approaches (Performative Music . Body as instrument - instrument as body . Workshop with François Sarhan / KonzeptMusik . Workshop with Peter Ablinger / Collaboratory . Workshop with Stefan Prins / Sounding Places - Collaborative Acoustic Explorations . Workshop with utrumque (Gerhard Eckel + Ludvig Elblaus) / Machine Learning . Workshop with Artemi-Maria Gioti), welcoming also sound- and multimedia-artists, performers, individual musicians, actors, dancers, instrument designers aside from composers in the narrower sense of the definition, were developed for the February edition of impuls 2021. Due to the pandemic we still need time to adapt the offers for the current edition, planned for August 2021 now.


In general, like all other impuls Academy participants, of course also participating sound and multimedia artists, performers, individual musicians, actors, dancers, instrument designers are welcome to visit the many discourse programs* impuls holds (from daily group lectures to discussions, talks etc.), enjoy the impuls Festival programs*, and take advantage of impuls as vivid meeting point and platform for interaction, exchange, knowledge-transfer, and networking.


Furthermore, they will also find slots within the impuls Festival for presentation in the frame of the Special, they have been selected for.


Please note, that impuls cannot offer any individual training to multimedia artists, performers, individual musicians, actors, dancers, instrument designers.

Sound artists however of course may (but must not) apply as composer (in order to profit from individual tutoring as well). In case of Collaboratory they are treated as composers in any case.



Please check detailed information on these Specials first and in case of further questions,  contact the impuls office at office(at)impuls(dot)cc.


Please check general Conditions for impuls 2021 and proceed to Registration if interested.




* As both the Festival and discourse programs 2021 are still in preparation, you may want to check last year´s edition to get a general idea about the scope and nature of the offer.