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February 21st, 2021



Due to the COVID-19-pandemic, this event could not take place in front of an audience. Thus a video-production was planned instead, to be published afterwards.

Due to a Corona-case in the vicinity of the ensemble, also this recording could not happen on the date given.

Notification of a new date - either for a live-concert or a recording - will be given asap.



Schallfeld Ensemble + Guests

Elisa Azzarà* flute

Szilárd Benes | Arnold Plankensteiner clarinet

Gerald Preinfalk** | Stephanie Schoiswohl saxophone

David Schmidt trumpet

Stefan Obman trombone

Maria Flavia Cerrato/Patrick Skrilecz piano

Manuel Alcaraz Clemente percussion

Mirko Jevtović accordion

Lorenzo Derinni violin

Myriam García Fidalgo cello

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka*** double bass

Leonhard Garms conductor

*Soloist in the piece by Tomoya Yokokawa
**Soloist in the piece by Franco Donatoni
***Soloist in the piece by Rebecca Saunders


Franco Donatoni Hot (1989)

Rebecca Saunders Fury II (2009)

Tomoya Yokokawa Hi Hu Mi (2020, commissioned by Schallfeld Ensemble, world premiere)

Diana Soh of smaller things (2020, commissioned by Schallfeld Ensemble, world premiere)


In HOT, Schallfeld explores radically different possibilities of the interaction between solo instrument and ensemble: from Hi Hu Mi by StAiR scholarship holder Tomoya Yokokawa with Elisa Azzarà as soloist on the flute, to Rebecca Saunders Fury II (Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka on solo double bass) to Franco Donatoni's classic HOT (solo saxophone: Gerald Preinfalk).
The program will be rounded up and completed by the world premiere of Diana Sohs of smaller things, commissioned by Schallfeld and financed by the EvS-Musikstiftung. This work is designed as an overlay of 8 solo works, so that each individual voice can be performed both individually and in various combinations, up to and including an ensemble piece.


Young Ensemble in Residency: Schallfeld

Schallfeld is one of the ensembles benefitting from the Young Ensembles program of the ULYSSES Network.

They start with an invitation to impuls in February 2021, to be continued in August 2021, taking the position of junior tutors, offering workshops for young composers, and profiting themselves from the support of senior Academy tutors on site. The ensemble members have the chance to connect with young composers through a call for scores, reading/feedback-sessions, and partly more intense rehearsals, leading to performances of selected pieces as well as other works as typical for their own repertoire and profiles.

Ensemble Schallfeld is featured with three concerts in between February and August 2021, working closely with Pierluigi Billone, one of the Academy´s composition tutors, for a brand new, approximately 30-minute long piece to be premiered at the impuls Festival. Additionally, the ensemble participates in several presentations of their workshops, such as „Instruments + Voices“ for example, and Leonard Garms, the conductor of Schallfeld Ensemble, also gives a „First View. A Conductor´s Feedback on Scores“ for young composers present.


Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union