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February 15th, 2021






Klangforum Wien

Rehearsal space

Diehlgasse 51

1050 Wien



Due to the COVID-19-pandemic the following event had to be postponed to 11.8.2021.

Composition and Interpretation

Open rehearsal with Klangforum Wien

(Ole Hübner, composition)

Question round

Discussion with Bas Wiegers and the composers as well as musicians of Klangforum Wien


Klangforum Wien

Bas Wiegers conductor

Ole Hübner (*1993, Germany)

Alexander Kaiser (*1985, Italy)

Emre Sihan Kaleli (*1987, Turkey)

Sonja Mutić (*1984, Serbia/Croatia)

Yiqing Zhu (*1989, China/Germany)

Doris Weberberger moderation


Countless musicians as dedicatees of compositions prove the importance of the exchange between composers and musicians on the creation of music – no wonder, since the extraordinary abilities of musicians give many composers unusual ideas. The personal interaction with composers, in return, is what gives many musicians the special appeal of dealing with contemporary music. The conductor Bas Wiegers and musicians of Klangforum Wien, as well as Ole Hübner, Alexander Kaiser, Emre Sihan Kaleli, Sonja Mutić and Yiqing Zhu, who were nominated for the international impuls Composition Competition in 2019 and were subsequently entrusted with impuls commissions, will discuss the synergies, but also the problems that can arise in the exchange between composers and interpreters. The impuls Composition Workshop, which will take place in between February 11th and 16th, 2021 in Vienna, will provide the opportunity for a discussion on February 15th, 2021 in the rehearsal room of Klangforum Wien. At the end of the workshop, the compositions will be premiered on February 17th, 2021 in the Helmut List Halle in Graz as part of the impuls Academy and the impuls Festival.


free admission | reservation necessary | in English

impuls in Kooperation with mica – music austria and Klangforum Wien