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Besides its Academy and Composition Competition impuls is also promoting concerts and biennal festivals of contemporary music and organising other activities like workshops, music communication programs ... and special projects like the impuls . MinuteConcerts.


Through these versatile programs impuls offers different approaches and thus contributes to a better understanding of both classical modern and contemporary music not only for professionals, but also for broader audiences. 



In between August 9th and 15th (originally: Feburary 11th and 16th) an extensive Composition Workshop with Klangforum Wien is offered to the 5 composers (Ole HübnerAlexander Kaiser, Emre Sihan Kaleli, Sonja Mutić, Yiqing Zhu) selected through the impuls Composition Competition as intense final preparation for the premieres of their new works commissioned by impuls.

On August 11th (originally: February 15th) one of the rehearsals is opened up to the public (18.00-19.00), followed by a round of questions (19.00-19.30) as well as a discussion with the young composers, conductor Bas Wiegers, musicians of Klangforum Wien and Doris Weberberger moderating the evening on behalf of the impuls cooperation partner mica - music austria (start: 19.30). 

The commissioned works are then to be premiered on August 16th (originally: February 17th, 2021) within the impuls Festival in Graz.



Due to the ongoing COVID-19-pandemic, the 7th edition of the impuls Festival, originally planned for February 2021, has to move into August (16th to 27th, 2021).