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February 11th, 2019


Groer Minoritensaal

Mariahilferplatz 3

8020 Graz

... - Solos - Duos - ...

Tutors Concert


Saar Berger horn

Dario Calderone double bass

Anna DErrico piano

Christian Dierstein percussion

Andreas Fischer voice

Reinhold Friedl piano

Eva Furrer flute

Frank Gratkowski saxophone

Nicolas Hodges piano

Ernst Kovacic violin

Andreas Lindenbaum cello

Clemens Merkel violin

Ernesto Molinari clarinet

Dimitrios Polisoidis viola

Ernest Rombout oboe

Mats Scheidegger guitar

Johannes Schwarz bassoon

Krassimir Sterev accordion

Mike Svoboda trombone

Agata Zubel voice


Improvisations and works of the 20th and 21st century

amongst others

Georges Aperghis complainte, for singing saw and singing percussionist, 1987

Pierluigi Billone Due Frammenti, for voice and accordion, 2009, premiere

Bernhard Gander moaning magotts, for soprano and bass, 2016

Frank Gratkowski + Reinhold Friedl Duo-Improvisation

Gyrgy Kurtg Kafka-Fragmente, for soprano and violin, I. Nr. 6, 10, 12, 18, 19 + IV. Nr. 2, 1985-1987

Helmut Lachenmann Pression, version for trombone by Mike Svoboda, 1969/2011

Bernhard Lang D/W 25, for double bass, 2018

Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf Kurzes Leben 1, epileptisch, for bassoon and piano, 2006

Ernesto Molinari Hommage Eric Dolphy, 2019, premiere

Marco Momi Quattro Nudi, for electric guitar, 2014

Jos M. Snchez-Verd Estudio n 2, for piano, 2007

Salvatore Sciarrino from: Sei Capricci, for violin, Nr. 1-4, 1976

Miroslav Srnka Coronae, for horn, 2010

Rebecca Saunders shadow, study for piano solo, 2013

Lorenzo Troiani: qui sono inafferrabile, for cello, 2017

Yoshiaki Onishi Envoi IV, for oboe, 2018, premiere


Jewels and exciting rediscoveries in solo and duo literature with a top-class line-up are awaiting you at the tutors' concerts of the impuls Festival. All musicians teaching at the impuls Academy are specialists for the interpretation of contemporary music, internationally renowned and work together closely with contemporary composers. Some composers performed will be present at the concert, contributing also premieres. A varied program that makes divers positions of the international contemporary music life audible.


admission: 16.- / 11.- (reduced)

6.- (music students with identity-card at the box-office)

In cooperation with open music