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February 19th, 2019



KUG . Florentinersaal

Leonhardstraße 15

8010 Graz



 Presentation / Introduction in the synthesizer system and Krenek´s way of working and creation on the machine / including examples of his compositions

10:45-11:00 break

11:00-12:30 Workshop


10:00-11:45 Presentation: open for everyone

11:45-12:30 Workshop: maximum: 10 active participants, requirements: none; experience with electronic music welcomed (first come first serve)


Modular synthesizer of Donald Buchla

Presentation & workshop

with Volkmar Klien


The Buchla modular synthesizer (1966/67 model) of Ernst Krenek’s estate is an impressing sound machine from the downright pioneering days of electronic sound synthesis. After careful refurbishment in 2017 induced by the Ernst Krenek Institut, the device is back in good working order and best condition.

What once came up as a promise of an unheard sound future, is now part of music history and of tradition itself. For several years now, analogue synthesis modules have been representing the good old, rather than the wholly new. Nevertheless, each technical alteration and innovation transforms the whole setting. Possibilities of direct technical control of pitch and sequence shift the position of musical work away from the score. Musical order is expressed by control voltage directly and thus the long-standing order and relations between composition, interpretation and dissemination have changed deeply.

The purchase of the very expensive machine illustrated Ernst Krenek’s astounding openness towards new approaches of musical production, despite his advanced age at that time. Our present age with its flooding of advances in the field of post-digital musical instruments and new composition tools question traditional ways of production and making music.

Volkmar Klien will introduce Ernst Krenek’s Buchla synthesizer and show possibilities of integrating the machine into hybrid digital-analogue systems.

free admission | in English

impuls in cooperation with Ernst Krenek Institut





February 19th, 2019





Foyer + Proberaum

Lichtenfelsgasse 14, 8010 Graz


KUG . Aula

Brandhofgasse 21, 8010 Graz




Forum Stadtpark

Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz

MarathonConcert I



Presentation of Micro-music lab

coached by Dmitri Kourliandski and Mats Scheidegger


Instrumentalists and Ensembles of the impuls Academy 2019


Works of the 20th and 21st century as well as improvisations, amongst others by Bernhard Gander, Toshio Hosokawa, Bruno Mantovani, Arnold Schönberg arranged by Johannes Schöllhorn, Simon Steen-Andersen, Karlheinz Stockhausen and many more


Presentation of Special Music Extended

coached by Simon Løffler.





special programs off Campus: free admission

KUG: admission: € 13.- / € 9.- (reduced)

€ 5.- (music students with identity-card at the box-office)