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February 18th, 2019


KUG . MUMUTH, Proberaum

Lichtenfelsgasse 14, 8010 Graz

Composers meet Accordionists +



Composer (Simone Cardini, Marco Gaietta, Callum Mallett, Wingel Gilberto Pérez Mendoza, Martin Ritter, Pablo Sebastián Rubino Lindner, Mathias Johannes Schmidhammer, Elnaz Seyedi, Michael Taplin, Jeeyoung Yoo), accordion participants (Jónas Ásgeirsson, Nejc Grm, Sinisa Ljubojevic, Maria Mogas Gensana, Marko Trivunović, Đorđe Vasiljević) and some other musicians of the impuls Academy coached by Krassimir Sterev and Bernhard Gander present the results of their Workshop.


free admission






February 18th, 2019


KUG . Florentinersaal

Leonhardstraße 15

8010 Graz

New instruments – Can composers still ask for new instruments?


Round Table with Volkmar Klien (sound artist, composer, professor for computer music and electroacoustic composition / Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz) | Ernst Kovacic (conductor, violinist, teacher, chairman of the executive board / Ernst Krenek Institut Privatstiftung) | Michael Maierhof (composer, performer) | Isabel Mundry (composer, professor for composition / Züricher Hochschule der Künste & Hochschule für Musik und Theater München)

Astrid Schwarz moderation


Ernst Krenek ordered one of the first modular synthesizer systems for home use, customized for the composer by Donald Buchla, in 1967. The “audible atoms” - as Krenek called the sinusoidal tones - along with saw waves, rectangular waves, modulation and filter revealed a new dimension of sound synthesis.

About 180 years earlier Wolfgang A. Mozart composed his Clarinet Concerto written for the basset clarinet which was manufactured by k.u.k. instrument maker Theodor Lotz in 1788 and optimized by Anton Stadler. Mozart was in close dialogue with Stadler and dedicated his concert to him.

For the Ring der Nibelungen Richard Wagner commissioned the construction of the Wagner tuba to bridge the sounds of horn, trombone and tuba. The instrument, which is similar to the natural horn, was also used in Strawinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps or Richard Strauss’ opera Elektra.

But what’s the situation for composers today?

How close is the communication between instrument makers and composers?

What effect does digital sound production and computer music have on contemporary compositions?

These and other questions will be discussed by composers and performers at this Round Table.


free admission | in English language

impuls in cooperation with Ernst Krenek Institut





February 18th, 2019


Forum Stadtpark

Stadtpark 1

8010 Graz

Late Night


Alessandro Baticci augmented contrabass flute, live-electronics

Rafał Zalech augmented viola, live-electronics


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