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October 1st, 2018




Leonhardstrasse 15

8010 Graz

Nicolas Hodges

Olivier Messiaen - Vingt regards sur L´Enfant Jésus


I. Regard du Père ("Contemplation of the Father")
II. Regard de l'étoile ("Contemplation of the star")
III. L'échange ("The exchange")
VI. Regard de la Vierge ("Contemplation of the Virgin")
V. Regard du Fils sur le Fils ("Contemplation of the Son upon the Son")
VI. Par Lui tout a été fait ("Through Him everything was made")
VII. Regard de la Croix ("Contemplation of the Cross")
VIII. Regard des hauteurs ("Contemplation of the heights")
IX. Regard du temps ("Contemplation of time")
X. Regard de l'Esprit de joie ("Contemplation of the joyful Spirit")
XI. Première communion de la Vierge ("The Virgin's first communion")
XII. La parole toute puissante ("The all-powerful word")
XIII. Noël ("Christmas")
XIV. Regard des Anges ("Contemplation of the Angels")
XV. Le baiser de l'Enfant-Jésus ("The kiss of the Infant Jesus")
XVI. Regard des prophètes, des bergers et des Mages ("Contemplation of the prophets, the shepherds and the Magi")
XVII. Regard du silence ("Contemplation of silence")
XVIII. Regard de l'Onction terrible ("Contemplation of the awesome Anointing")
XIX. Je dors, mais mon cœur veille ("I sleep, but my heart keeps watch")
XX. Regard de l'Église d'amour ("Contemplation of the Church of love")



These 20 pieces are among the major works not only of Olivier Messiaen, but of the entire piano literature. The truly cinematic length and volume of around two hours and the enormous virtuosic power and complexity imply that usually only small individual parts are performed in concert - not unlike the "only" 90 minutes of "Harmonies poétiques et religieuses" by Franz Liszt. Nicolas Hodges plays Messiaen's opus magnum, composed around the liberation of Paris in 1944, after an acclaimed performance at Wien Modern, also in Graz in its entirety.

An active repertoire that encompasses such composers as Beethoven, Berg, Brahms, Debussy, Schubert and Stravinsky reinforces pianist Nicolas Hodges’ special prowess in contemporary music. As Tempo magazine has written: “Hodges is a refreshing artist; he plays the classics as if they were written yesterday, and what was written yesterday as if it were already a classic.” Born in London, and now based in Germany, where he is a professor at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart, Hodges approaches the works of Classical, Romantic, 20th century and contemporary composers with the same questing spirit, leading the Guardian to comment that: “Hodges' recitals always boldly go where few other pianists dare ... with an energy that sometimes defies belief.”


This concert is a cooperation with open music.

In February 2019 Nicolas Hodges will return to Graz, like already back in 2017, teach at the impuls Academy and take part in its Festival.



admission: € 16.- / € 11.- / € 6.- 

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