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impuls . International Composition Competition


Application 2020

Application for impuls . International Composition Competition must include:


1.) the completed application form (Download pdf / Download doc file) has to be sent by email to office(at)impuls(dot)cc in advance (concern: impuls Composition Competition).


2.) all the following material (please write the submission in english) has to be sent as PDFs stored on a data stick for download by post to impuls, Code: impuls Composition Competition, to the following address: impuls, c/o Ute Pinter, Viktorgasse 22/2, 1040 Wien, Austria, Europe (please note that we will not accept any material other than the application form by email, so please refrain from sending any scores, concepts etc. that way):

a.) a copy of the completed application form. Please make sure to include: full name / date and place of birth / postal and email addresses, telephone numbers

b.) biography, a list of works and infos on current activities including also information on concerts, infos on interpreters of your works, studies etc.

c.) a concept for a new piece for ensemble, to be written on selection at this competition. Please make sure that the concept is created for +-12 musicians chosen from the following pool of musicians: 1x flute, 1x oboe, 2x clarinet, 1x bassoon, 1x saxophone, 1x horn, 1x trumpet, 1x trombone, 1x accordion, 1x harp, 1x piano, 2x percussion, 2x violin, 1x viola, 1x cello, 1x double bass

The setting is supposed to be a "normal" concert setting for purely acoustic pieces (thus any technical features, be it amplification, playback, live-electronics etc., special lighting, visual or scenic effects, or any form of specific set-ups can NOT be realized).

The concept should not only include some verbal statements, but also short sketches, plans, info on materials used and/or any other form of information useful to expound the idea.

d.) at least one score of a piece already written for ensemble (+-10-20 musicians)

e.) a commentary on the piece, including its title, instrumentation and duration
f.) at least one recording (must not necessarily be of the score handed in)


3.) applications must not arrive later than October 15th, 2020 by post at impuls, c/o Ute Pinter, Viktorgasse 22/2, 1040 Wien, Austria, Europe.

As we do expect applications again also from far away, and delivery might take longer than you might expect, we do suggest to post your application in time/not later than October 1st (in case delivery takes a bit longer than Oct. 15th, we will check, if the material was posted until October 1st. So if posted later than October 1st AND also arriving later than October 15th, please understand, that we will not be able to still include your application).


4.) if sending material from abroad, please make sure to check conditions for customs duty, as we cannot cover any costs resulting from your application.