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impuls . International Composition Competition

Conditions 2018

for the Competition running in 2018 leading to premieres in 2021


1.) The impuls Composition Competition is an international competition.
2.) Applying composers must not be born before 1984.
3.) Application starts on May 31st, 2018 and ends on October 31st, 2018 (as last day all material has to arrive at the address given - see Application infos).
4.) A jury consisting of composers, musicians and experts will nominate 4 up to a maximum of 6 composers. The jurys decision will be published in spring 2019 on and notification will be given also to applicants by then.
5.) As part of the impuls Composition Competition, impuls will then commission new works for ensemble (+-12 musicians chosen from a pool of musicians as given under Application) plus (optional) also amplification for a maximum of 12 instruments and/or additional stereo-playback and/or 1-chanel live-electronics for 1 (solo-)instrument (details to be checked under Application as well). Expected length: approximately 15 minutes, score of new composition due to June 2020, parts of composition due to October 1st, 2020 after feedback by ensemble. Selected composers are also invitited to take part in the impuls Composition Workshop, including extensive rehearsals, accompanying activities (such as composers talks, discussions ) and to attend the premiere of their works with a first-class ensemble such as Klangforum Wien within the impuls Festival 2021.
6.) The selected composers will be offered by impuls:
a.) travel expenses (within Europe: economy flight or second-class rail ticket, whichever is the cheaper; from overseas: a contribution up to a maximum of 600,-)

b.) living expenses: hotel (if needed) plus per diem of 30.- (throughout the duration of the workshop and day of first performance and accompagnying activities)
c.) At the latest upon delivery of the score and the complete musical material by the deadlines given the composers will receive a one-time payment of 2.400.-. With this payment all rights concerning the public performance within impuls 2021, possible live-recording and broadcasting as well as the publishing of a CD are compensated.
7.) All entries must be made on cost of the composer (impuls will not cover any costs standing in connection with the application such as postage, payment of duties or taxes etc.). Due to the number of applications expected the submitted material handed in will also not be returned. Upon submittal, the ownership of all application materials is thus transferred to impuls.
8.) It will not be possible to appeal against the jurys decision in a court of law. No correspondence will be conducted regarding the decision.
9.) In submitting their entries to impuls all applicants agree to abide by the conditions set out above. The selection is subject to the law of the Republic Austria. Should any single condition of the proposed competition be invalid, no other condition shall be automatically invalidated (salvatory clause).