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impuls . 11th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music 2019


1.) Please make sure you read the Conditions for impuls 2019.

2.) Please open the registration form (download here), fill in all necessary information and send it to office(at)impuls(dot)cc.

3.) Please also send a curriculum vitae to office(at)impuls(dot)cc.

For composers: in addition to the CV, please send a list of completed works to office(at)impuls(dot)cc. For voices only: please also add a link to a recording and name the range of voice.

4.) If you want to apply for special programs, please announce your participation to office(at)impuls(dot)cc and do not forget to check for detailed conditions, deadlines, etc. Please only sign in for programs you are really interested and willing to take part in the end.

5.) Please transfer the registration fee of 80,- to the account of impuls (as published under conditions) as soon as you have been accepted as participant of impuls. This registration fee is a non-refundable and also obligatory registration fee and has to be payed in any case when accepted (also in case of cancellation). Please note that impuls is only obliged to hold a place for you upon receipt of this sum (and upon receipt of the Academy fee whenever the deadline is met).

6.) In case problems emerge with your payment and also in case you have to cancel your participation, please note that you are obliged to contact the impuls office right away.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the impuls office, office(at)impuls(dot)cc.