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impuls . 11th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music

Composition Classes


For students of composition as well as young professionals impuls holds various moduls at its Academy, besides being a vivid meeting point for interaction with both young musicians, other young composers and professionals. In addition to daily group lectures, discussions as well as concerts and presentations each participant is offered a couple of individual lessons with renowned composers (amount depending on the involvement in special programs). Participants can also apply for various special programs such as "ALMAT", "Music Extended", "Extended Percussion Composition" or others under the guidance of Simon Steen-Andersen, Jorge Snchez-Chiong, Bernhard Gander and Rebecca Saunders amongst others, or submit compositions to several Calls for Scores such as for Young Ensemble in Residency, "Voice_Noise_Toys", "Micro-music lab" or "Viola combined", which enforce the meeting, cooperation and interchange of composers and interpreters. Lectures and short masterclasses for composers will also be given by experienced instrumentalists sharing information on the possibilities and qualities of their instruments, on specific notation and other topics. In addition to that reading sessions with Klangforum Wien and Ilan Volkov amongst others will offer the chance to profit from discussions, rehearsals and tryouts of compositions by impuls participants. Last but not least all participants are invited to meet up with the selected composers of the impuls Composition Competition for discussion and exchange after the premiere of their new pieces and of course also attend the various other programs of the impuls Festival 2019.


Please check conditions and procedure of preselection for the various special programs here or get in touch with the impuls office when registrating for the impuls Academy 2019.